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Grow Nepal-Ecobag

Plastic bags are one of the most detrimental items on natural pollution in our modern world. They take many decades to decompose but might actually never really biodegrade because the materials they are made of are not recognized as food by microorganisms. So they might just decompose into microplastic particles and buildup in the environment such as marine life, eventually infiltrating every step in the food chain. A plastic bag might corrode within 10 to 100 years, but its negative environmental impact may last forever.

This is why we want to bring forward a change in society related to this topic. In many parts of the world people are still in a habit to use huge amounts of plastic bags for shopping, groceries, and packaging. We want to contribute a positive input to this matter with the support of cotton bag, jute bag production. Cotton bags and Jute bags are convenient, reusable, washable, and a very affordable alternative.

Grow Nepal helps our partner National Organics Pvt.Ltd to establish sustainable manufacturing of natural organic cotton bags and jute bags through financial, technical, and physical support.

Through this project we are generating new employments and allow the primarily female local artisan to improve their self-dependency, livelihood, and living standards.

Our organic cotton bags and jute bags are currently distributed to more than a hundred customers and resellers in the USA, Canada, Europe, and East Asian countries who use our cotton bags for shopping bag replacements and packing. We are hoping to expand our export client base even further as more countries are banning single-use plastic and plastic bags.

Grow Nepal-Wool dryer balls

We are thrilled to introduce our new Wool Dryer Ball project to you! Yet another beautiful project with a variety of benefits for people and the planet that the team of National Organics has initiated, and supported technically, financially, and morally.

At National Organics we are all about bringing the process of laundry back to natural solutions. The wonderful results we achieve with our soapberries in terms of natural detergents are complemented by our new product – the wonderful Wool Dryer Balls!

They are 100% natural and ecofriendly, biodegradable, compostable, environmentally friendly, and 100% waste-free product made from 100% sheep wool from Australia and New Zealand. They speed up the drying process in the machine and can save up to 25% of energy by separating the items in the dryer to improve air ventilation. But not only this, but they also reduce static and act as a natural fabric softener. They can replace chemical dryer sheets and fabric softeners, which are loaded with chemicals and animal products such as gelatin, once and for all! And because they are 100% natural they are suitable and recommended for people suffering from allergies.

They will last you an amazing more than 1000 loads of laundry and will reduce your cost compared to buying regular fabric softeners or drying sheets significantly and by reducing your electricity bill as well as reducing loads of plastic packaging at the same time.

Our Wool Dryer Balls are hand-felted by artisan women from local communities in Nepal and create employment situations that help these women to support themselves and their families. As with all our projects we are making sure that these women are receiving fair wages and salaries and have good working conditions.