Our Mission

Inspire, motivate, encourage and support the growth and development of wild harvesters, family growers, small businesses and exporters to engage in sustainable products and practices to improve their economic stability.  In addition, bring these products, through working with national companies, to the attention of the international market.

Our Vision

Facilitate communities to produce natural, organic ago forest products sustainably and build a bridge between the communities and traders to
improve the livelihood of the producers.


·         Encourage wild-harvesters and growers to use organic practices.

·         Increase the level of farming skills through training.

·         Increase income generating skills through skills development and other life skills based training, particularly for women, the poor and other underprivileged groups.

·         Establish relationships with national bodies, trading houses and groups to provide a market for locally grown organic products.

·         Reduce deforestation, reduce land over-use, and encourage, respectful and sustainable agricultural farming systems which incorporate the best of traditional practices with modern methods. Thus, protecting the local environment and increasing the quantity and quality of foodstuffs available to the local communities.

·         Improve the overall lifestyle and health of the communities and improve the education of their children.

·         Develop agro tourism in our working areas.

  • Fair Trade, Organic and other Certification

Grow Nepal helps its farmer communities to achieve Fair Trade, Organic and other certifications for their products, which includes soapberries, essential oils, coffee and other environmental products.