Benefits of Membership

As Mahatma Gandhi stated each of us can be the change we wish to see in the world.

By becoming a member of Grow Nepal, you can show your support and commitment in helping one of the most economically challenged countries reach self-sufficiency and prosperity. As a member, you have the ability to use the Grow Nepal logo on your website and/or products. In doing so, members show their affiliation with GrowNepal, as well as their support of sustainable, Nepalese based products.

Grow Nepal has two categories of membership – Trade and Associate.

Businesses or organizations engaged in the production, distribution, or promotion of Nepalese based products are eligible for Trade Membership. Associate members include businesses, organizations, and individuals that are not eligible for a Trade Membership, but who are supportive of principles consistent with Grow Nepal’s mission.


Applicant will need to pay membership dues along with application to be approved.
Grow Nepal membership dues will renew one year from the month in which you joined and invoice will be sent.
Grow Nepal dues maybe tax deductible as a business expense.

Annual Membership dues (Trade members)

Total Sales Total Dues
< $ 1,00,000 $ 350
$ 1,00,001- $ 999,999 $ 550
$ 1-5 Million $ 1,260
>$ 5 Million $ 3,150

Annual Membership Dues (Associate Member)

Total Sales Total Dues
< $ 1,00,000 $ 650
$ 1,00,001- $ 999,999 $ 800
$ 1-5 Million $ 1,650
>$ 5 Million $ 3,550